Digital Pass Open Discussion Class Descriptions

Open Discussion

Get to Know Stoa by Angela Childress
If you are new to Stoa and want to learn the basics of who we are, please join us! We will share a few practical items every Stoa member needs to know,

Opportunities for National Involvement by Angela Childress
Learn the five C’s of why YOU should consider Stoa national involvement! Thought-provoking and encouraging for all.

Speech & Debate for Special Needs Kids by Kimberly Farley & Allisha Speed
This workshop will discuss how to welcome students with special needs into our clubs, tournaments, and league and equip them to share Christ boldly with others. We will discuss a wide variety of special needs, from learning disabilities to physical and cognitive delays. Topics will include communication, setting goals, adapting activities, navigating tournaments, and how to celebrate success.

Stoa & Your Homeschool by Kimberly Farley
Participating in Stoa should augment your student’s education and not become a burden of additional work or a replacement for a well-rounded education. This workshop will address how to integrate Stoa into your homeschool successfully. A discussion of ways to improve competitively while also enriching your student’s education will be the focus. Attention will be paid to working with both very competitively driven students as well as more reluctant competitors.

Stoa's New Software by Tammy Flood & Janice Tham
This session will cover the latest developments in our tournament software. Get a sneak peek of our new website and learn about our plans for the future. We look forward to sharing our passion for this exciting software with you!