Digital Pass New Student Class Descriptions

New Students: Debate

Introduction to Debate Principles by Alyssa Hayes
In this class, we will explore the larger topic of what debate is, where it began, and its importance to life. We will discuss the ethics of sound debate and briefly introduce the goals of the different types of debate.

Introduction to Team Policy by Maggie Carabelos & Sarah Carabelos
This workshop teaches new students to have fun in the process of learning Team Policy Debate. They will learn about round structure, speaker responsibilities, and stock issues. We will provide drills to improve speaking skills and teach how to flow Team Policy rounds. Students then apply what they have learned by participating in a mock debate.

Introduction to Lincoln Douglas by Alyssa Sloneker & Lynda Sloneker
In this class, new debate students will get an in-depth introduction to the wonderful world of Lincoln Douglas Debate. We will discuss its origins, its practical applications, and how participating in this form of debate is fun, practical, and exciting. We will do some practice drills and games that help students get a feel for LD and walk away excited to debate this year!

New Students: Speech

Apologetics for All Students by Wayne Johnson

Introduction to Platform Speeches by Trish Youmans
The Introduction to Platform class will introduce beginning students to each speech event within this category, give them essential foundational knowledge, and allow them to practice some fun speech drills related to platform speeches.

Introduction to Interp Speeches by Ellen Alcazar & Grace Alcazar
During this class, the students will learn about finding a great source, script-cutting basics, and how to build an engaging Interp through creative blocking and characterization.

Introduction to Limited Prep Speeches by Sara Neufeld & Trish Youmans
The world of Limited Prep can be intimidating for new students. In this session, we will demystify this category of speeches, give students a foundation for understanding the Limited Prep events offered by Stoa, and enjoy some fun practice drills together.